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gliska is a gender-queer performer, artist and human ecologist based in vienna.
 the tactile, colourful qualities of his work are representative of paintings which often dominate the viewer’s perception. her distinct figurative and diagrammatic style picks up often unvoiced tensions, fears, as well as hopes of modern societies. he is concerned with queer as a strategy for radical openness while being unequivocally centred in oneself. queer form is an open mesh of fluid identities, boundless desire, eerily beautiful intimacy and sacred presence.

Single exhibitions
  • New Works, Bergerhaus, Schrannenplatz 5, 2353 Gumpoldskirchen, Austria; 13. – 23.09.2018
  • Kulturzentrum (Cultural Centre) Trudering, Wasserburger Landstrasse, 81825 Munich, Germany; 04. – 29.04.2016
  • „Landscape Dramas“; Gallery Lebendige Lerchenfelderstrasse; part of OFF Festival Vienna 2015; 06th – 20th November 2015
Group exhibitions
  • „Open Artist’s Studio Weekend in Lower Austria; Artist’s studio, Guntramsdorf, Austria; 19.-20.10.2019
  • A Whomb with a View. Inner Space: A Chamber Gallery, 175 Duncan Ave. Unit 2, Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA; Co-directed by: Aryna Petrashenko & Robert Long; curated by The Vagilante; May 6-28, 2017 
  • USB-SHUFFLE-SHOW (FIVE); curated by INSTITUT FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE / ABTEILUNG FÜR ALLES ANDERE; Berlin, Germany; January 27th - 28th 2017
  • Shoebox – 2nd International Sculpture Exhibition; Todd Art Gallery; Middle Tennessee State University; Murfreesboro, TN, USA; 20th Jannuary – 9th February 2017
  • "ART.SALON 2015”; Gallery Artopia; Wiedner Hauptstraße 46, 1040 Wien; curated by ::kunst-projekte::; Vienna, 30th October – 01st November 2015
  • „Open Artist’s Studio Weekend in Lower Austria; Artist’s studio, Guntramsdorf, Austria; 17.-18.10.2015
  • „Together again“; Titok Galéria / Secret Gallery, Ó utca 12, H-1066 Budapest; curated by Adriana Peterova; Hungary, 20.02.2015 – 20.03.2015
  • „Abnormal in a Regular“; Red Light Flying Gallery Rzeszów/Central Station Rzeszów (Poland); curated by Joanna Vejar; art in public space; 25.11.2014 to 05.12.2014
  • „Handyfotografie: (K)eine Kunst?“; FotoQuartier Wien, Margareten- straße 127, 1050 Vienna; 24.10.2014 15.11.2014

g liska
keltengasse 35
2353 guntramsdorf


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