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August 2021

Kunstverein München, Summer School 2021 Research Residency; The Stories We Tell Ourselves; August 23–26, 2021;

In the lead-up to the bicentenary of the Kunstverein München in 2023, the Summer School explores alternative forms of collective knowledge production and negotiates the concept of an institution intended for the public. My focus during this research residency is on rituals and ritualised patterns of movement to counter the burdensome energy of wounds and traumas in the historical layers of architectural bodies and places with a joyful and pleasurable antipole or even to initiate healing processes. Such rituals/movement patterns involve the visitors to the Kunstverein building or are initiated/supported by them. On the paths and through the paths of the visitors, collective interventions are created that interact with the building and its specific atmosphere. Specially structured spaces and coordinated instructions for action form the framework for this. These ritualised interventions as structured communication processes are at the same time a form of collective knowledge production.

July 2021

Showing of Raw Matters Residency December 2020 might take place in July in Vienna. Cancelled due to Corona.

February 2021

I take part in the February Virtual Gallery of The Greenpoint Gallery; 

January/February 2021

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - 11th Annual "CityScapes" Online Art Competition. Opening 01.02.2021; 

December 2020 

Video "borderlands" is finished and accessible on vimeo. Please ask for the password to view.

Different binaries exert a great influence on how we humans think and act. The gender categories of man and woman, masculine and feminine, are a prominent example. They seem so normal to us that it is hard to imagine breaking out of them. Anyone who tries to leave these categories behind enters uncharted territory. A borderland between genders and beyond genders. It is important to take good care of oneself so as not to get lost in it. One's own desire can be a guide if we listen carefully. 

length: 09'20''


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