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summer 2020

article "emancipatory topology of desire"
To appear in a special issue of the journal World Futures, edited by Sacha Kagan. The peer review process is finisehd by now and articles will be sent soon to the publisher Taylor & Francis, online publication could be done by summer, print publication will take longer

June 2020 - Festival SOHO in Ottakring 2020, 6. – 20. Juni 2020, Vienna

Performance Cut her out
As a re-enactment, gliska's performance takes up the act of cutting a person of color climate activist out of a frequently depicted photo of young climate activists at this year's World Economic Summit in Davos. What remains is a picture of four white and blond activists.

Cancelled due to Coronavirus Covid-19

May 2020 - 8th Cultivate on-line show, (Far from the) Turmoil

I will be taking part in an on-line art exhibition, opening: 2020-05-14;
40 inspiring artists right into your living room - so take a look - it is well worth the time 



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